day 2!

I actually let myself sleep in for once today!  This is HUGE for me.  I am one that has been in the routine of hitting the gym at 7a every.single. Saturday and Sunday for I couldn’t even tell you how long.  I have been so sore lately though, and worn out, that I decided to actually not set an alarm clock for once and to just wake up next to my husband.  

I finally got myself out of bed around 10 and made some breakfast, started laundry, and then made my way to the basement to sweat on day 2!  Can’t give up!


Wii Zumba!

I started out with a 20 minute Wii Zumba session, followed by some of my favorite Zumba songs that I completely failed on.  At least it made me laugh like crazy.  

Then I went to the wall and did the full “Prevention- No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout” This thing is NO JOKE!!!!!



Once I finished torturing myself with this mess, I moved on to more self-torture…….

My friend Christiana started doing the June ABS challenge….I did them yesterday after the run and it wasn’t too horrible, so I moved on to day 2 today, and What the heck!  I don’t like ab work.  At all.  Hopefully by day 30 I will love it!


Then since I hate myself a LOT today apparently, I decided to do another challenge that I found on Instagram…@mindovermunch…..the #BackExtensionMonth  I actually LOVE this stretch/core challenge.  I think this one will be awesome.




the chart!



After that I did a 30 minute BL workout and then called it done.  I was sweating, and that was the goal.  I am annoyed I didn’t get miles today, but I definitely need the break.  Its only day 2, I will make it up and still hit over 200 this month.  I just really didn’t want to leave the house today, even out on the trail.  It WILL be ok.  I know I sound psycho…but I’m really just dedicated.  

The plan for tomorrow is to hit the gym early, because I have to be at training for work by 9.  

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!!