Rarely are there photos of just me.  I am the one always behind the camera.  I am the photographer.  I am going to attempt to fairly show you some progress pictures because I failed at actually documenting my journey.  I didn’t think I would actually stick to the program, so I never took a “start” picture.  This makes me very sad now.  But, also very happy that I defied all odds and actually stuck to something.

july 2009 (I’m on right)

This picture was taken in July 2009, and it was the beginning of the end.  It took me a year from this point to get my mind right and ready for the journey, but I hated every single picture from our fabulous vacation with our best friends.  I looked so HUGE next to my best friend.  It makes me sad.

Bethany, Bryan, Me & Alan

This was taken in July 2010.  About 2 weeks after I started WW.  Not the greatest shot, but I was not great at letting people take photos of me.

This was at Christmas time.

Down 53 pounds here.  much happier for sure!

I’m on left.  Ohio dance team sweatshirt.

skinny blue and purple plaid is 1 sister.

skinny picture taker mouth open is other sister.

this is me in march.

down 66.

After this weekend I gained 4.4.

Then lost 4.6.

Here a little better body shot….

I can’t wait to celebrate under 200 with a great pic!


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