day 1!

June 1st started #sweateverydayinjune 

I am doing this with several friends, but especially one that I recently reconnected with that I was close with in high school…..Jen!  

So, why not start out the month with a 5k?!


me with a lucky odd number bib for once! 🙂



There were 1,255 women that ran the 5k, and I came in 325th.  Which is huge for me.  This was the very first 5k that I did ever…in 2012.  I have accomplished so much in one year.  

Last year : 48:56.7 15:46/mi 913/1134 

This year: 35:23.6 11:24/mi 325/1255

This was definitely not my best race.  Time wise.  I can do better.  I will do better.  BUT, I felt amazing.  I ran more than I have ever run during the 3.1 miles.  Especially if you knew how sore I was from the weeks runs/workouts.  My legs were toast.  I didn’t prepare the way I should have.  I didn’t even take Friday off.  Friday was an 11+ mile day.  Overall, I would say it was my best yet!  


in the middle of the pack….in all black. I think I need to smile 🙂



Me, Jen and her adorable son Tony 🙂



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